Attention Deficit Disorder in Adults

ADD will also occur on adults. Some people did not realize they have ADD when they are a kid because ADD did not have hyperactive symptoms may not so easy to get aware during childhood.

Symptoms for adults with ADD are a little bit different to Kids with ADD. The following is some of the common symptoms that will occur on adults.

  1. Poor time management
  2. Procrastination
  3. Irresolution
  4. Hard to concentrate on a task
  5. Restlessness
  6. Forgetful

Symptoms of ADD in adults will affected their social life and work. So seek for a professional diagnosis is much more important. If you are not sure you have ADD or not, faster seek for a specialist and run a test.


Seek for a help? –  Treatment for Adult with ADD

As a master of ADD, ADHD and autism, Chinese Master advises his patient to can try to help themselves to reduce their symptoms. The following is some suggest from Chinese Master:

  1. Diet
    • In some study shows, most of the ADD people have different level of food allergic. Most of the ADD people should avoid or less to eat food that contain sugar or carbohydrate food. Chinese Master has a good diet plan for the patient. If you want to get one, you can contact them.
  2. Manage your time
    • Set a deadline for every task and give a priority for it, no matter how small is it. This can help you to FORCE yourself to finish all the task and will not forget what you want to do next. Maybe it might not fully work for you at the first time, but keep it go on, you will see the different slowly.
  3. Exercise
    • Exercise can help you to release your stress and release your energy. It is a positive way to calm your body and it also can keep your healthy.
  4. Get enough rest
    • Not enough rest will makes you hard to focus, manage your emotion and stress. Rest as much as you can, sleep early and have your relax time could help.

If ADD symptoms are too annoying, please visit Chinese Master. He do really provide treatment for ADD adults. The treatment include: Intensive Neuro Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine.

Intensive Neuro Acupuncture

This treatment is a daily treatment, 3 times per day. Insert fine needle on specific point at your scalp. Neuro Acupuncture Treatment can help your Qi (energy) flow inside your body to activate your brain cells. Intensive treatment for Neuro Acupuncture had shows a good result in the past ten years.

Chinese Herbal Medicine – Natural Remedies

Chinese Master has his own garden to plant the Herbal. The reason to plant the herbal himself is he can much more easily to manage the quality and effective of the herbal. Chinese Master has his own herbal formula. He mixed a few different herbal in a pack and gives it to his patient.

The patient can choose not to get an acupuncture treatment, if they are not comfortable with it. The Chinese Herbal Medicine also works as good as the acupuncture. However, if you take the intensive neuro acupuncture and eat the Chinese herbal medicine together, the result will work much more efficiency.


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